How many applicants are offered interviews?

We typically offer interviews to 200 applicants.

How many spots are there per PGY-1 class?

There are 11 spots per residency class.

Is the ARMC EM program ACGME accredited?

​We are ACGME accredited and will be accepting applications through ERAS for the ACGME.

What does the interview day consist of?

There are a total of 2 interview rooms ranging between the PD, APD, Core Faculty and a resident panel. You will also be invited to a virtual social gathering with the residents via Zoom. We use this time for us to get to know you better and for you to get to know us better. Please ask ANY question during interview day. We want applicants to be as well informed as possible about our program. Three years is a long time to spend at a place. Make an informed decision. Those who are interested will be offered a “second look” opportunity with us where you will have an on-site visit and join the residents in lecture and tour the facility.

What should I do on my rotation to make a good impression?

Work hard, be involved, and most importantly, be yourself. Being in Emergency Medicine requires you to be flexible and adapt to new situations. A vital skill for an ER resident is to be a fast-learner. Ask yourself if you will enjoy practicing Emergency Medicine for the rest of your career. Determine if ARMC is a “good fit” for you and a place you would be happy to spend the next 3 years.

When should I do my audition rotation?

We are currently accepting VSLO sub-I students who are applying for EM in the upcoming match for rotation dates starting Jun-Dec only. We start interviews the end of October and end mid-December.

Do students get to do a lot at Arrowhead?

We expect a lot from our auditioning students. Being proactive (not only when it comes to procedures, but getting the charting done and keeping your resident up to date on the patient’s progress) is highly appreciated. Hard work and performance is often rewarded with procedures. However, PGY-1’s will get preference on higher level procedures. Overall, we follow a hierarchy of delegating procedures, however our seniors are never in need of getting procedures and are always willing to give the first shot to PGY-1’s and even students. Please keep in mind our ER residents love performing procedures. Hard work and enthusiasm generally leads to more hands on involvement.

How many students rotate through the ED in a month?

We take up to 24 students at any one time.

Which other hospitals do the residents rotate through?

Residents rotate in EM at St. Bernardine Medical Center and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center in their PGY-2 and PGY-3 years. Residents also do Peds EM and PICU at Loma Linda University Medical Center in their PGY-3 year. There is also an EMS rotation where we have the opportunity to go on EMS ride along with both ground EMS, county sheriffs department and Air EMS services. All other rotations are at Arrowhead

Is the entire first year of residency at Arrowhead?

Yes, all rotations will be at ARMC in your first year. You can stay close to your new EM family.

What other specialties do you have to rotate through during the entire residency?

Residents rotate within Internal Medicine, General Surgery, OB, Orthopedics, Anesthesia, Community EM, Ped EM, EMS (flight is available), Ultrasound, MICU, SICU, PICU, and NICU throughout their 3 years. Each year the resident spends more time in the Emergency Department.